Audiodope Soundcloud page

AUDIODOPE are making new beats and trying new styles all the time. When we hit on something golden, it’s most likely we’ll post in on our soundcloud page and link to here. There’s also some bloody banging mixes and podcasts there courtesy of DJ Scratchy 1!

Check out our Soundcloud page here, and don’t forget to follow us and share!



1 half of AUDIODOPE is DJ Scratchy 1. The other 50% couldn’t make it to Spain to play their 2nd set at VOCALBOOTH WEEKENDER, a Soulful House extravaganza in the sun by the pool, but not to fear! Scratchy 1 took all of Audiodope’s original productions and played a set that any top DJ in the world would be jealous of!

The set was played in the Pressure Cooker room and was broadcast live from for anyone savvy enough to know it was on. And ┬áthere was no disappointment whatsoever!Check out AUDIODOPE’s DJ sets at Vocalbooth 2014 & 2015 by clicking here.

Audiodope is looking forward to the opportunity of playing at VB2016!