vb 2015

DJ SCRATCHY 1 hopped on a plane 2 weeks ago without Mikie Blak to fly the AUDIODOPE flag in Vocal Booth Weekender, Spain, as a guest DJ in the Pressure Room for the 2nd year running.

With greats such as Timmy Vegas, Ronnie Herrel and Simon Schooly Phillip looking ad listening intently, Scratchy 1 threw down a solid, hip shaking 1 hour set of 100% original AUDIODOPE Soulful house tunes! It was broadcast live on www.pressureradio.com and now its here for all to enjoy!! Listen right here, or go to the Vocalbooth Dj Sets page, or you can check the Audiodope set and all the other Pressure Room sets by going to Pressure Radio, here!



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